Our Motives



Offer a clean, reliable and renewable alternative to replace the majority of diesel used for the production of electricity and heat in off-grid communities and businesses.


More involved

Develop a collaborative “win-win” business model which favours job creation and the autonomy of Aboriginal communities.

Our business model

The solution proposed by Inukshuk consists of cogeneration units (electricity and heat) fed by a solid homogeneous biofuel, such as pellets or wood chips.

Commercialisation of cogeneration units

For off-grid networks (Mining industries and Aboriginal communities)

Typical electrical capacity
40 kW – 4 MW and heat recovery

Mature technology
Sturdy modular design

Homogeneous fuel
Pellets and residual forest biomass

Remote operation

Inukshuk’s broad vision

Develop partnerships with Aboriginal communities and independent network industries for:

Electric power

Heat recovery
(heating/heat network)

Crop production
In greenhouse container units

Ash reuse
Mining site rehabilitation  

Our social commitment

Our activities represent opportunities for Aboriginal communities, particularly within the framework of Impact and Benefit Agreement (IBA) negotiations.


Inukshuk solutions

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Inukshuk Synergy responds to the priority actions covered by the Plan Nord 2016-2020 Strategic Plan :

• Support the projects of off-grid communities and enterprises to replace fossil fuels by renewable energy sources in order to generate power. (MERN)

• Promote the use of forest biomass in energy generation for the mining industry, isolated communities and cogeneration plants. (MFFP, MERN)

Reduction of environmental impacts

• Major reduction of GHG emissions and air contaminants

• Elimination of diesel spills common in the North

Project partners

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